Conditions générales
& informations

Balloon ride:
general terms and conditions of sale

Flight are operated by “La Ferme du Ciel”, registered company with an Air Operator Certificate.

Our hot air balloon can take 4 passengers. If you are less than 4 people and wish that no passenger outside your group shares the flight, then you need to pay the “exclusivity” rate. If you are more than 4, please ask for our “groups” form.

Children are not admitted on board until 10 (or if they are at least 1m30 tall), they must be accompanied until 15. Minors flying alone must have a written authorization from a parental authority. Animals won’t be admitted on board.

People with heart condition, epilepsy, cannot fly for their own safety, as well as pregnant women.

Clothing: Arms and legs must be covered, please avoid synthetic fibers clothes. Wear hiking or comfortable covered shoes (no high heels). Cameras are welcome.

The crew will choose the best time slot (morning or evening) to fly, and will contact you to give you precise time and place of meeting. Take off time depends on sunrise/sunset. therefore passengers late more than 15 mn will lose their ticket.

In case of an Force Majeure /major event, La Ferme du Ciel won’t be responsible for flight cancellation. Force Majeure /major event is any unpredictable and irresistible event defined in article 1148 of French Civil Code, for example: strikes, disruption of communication or transport services, natural disaster, death, etc...

The Pilot In Command has the right to refuse access on board to passengers with inappropriate conduct: incivility, non respect of procedures, violent behavior, etc...

Payment can be made by paypal, Visa or Amex card (in case of card, please call us) bank transfer or French check. All details page 1.

Tickets will be issued and sent to the clients upon receipt of the payment. Tickets are valid 1 year. Passengers are requested to communicate their preferred date(s) for flying at the latest 3 months before the end of validity period. Beyond, La Ferme du Ciel cannot guarantee to find a suitable date.


Cancellation policy:

  • Clients are requested to submit, at least two slots for the flight: for example, one morning and the following evening, or one evening and the following morning, or any other date.
  • If, due to meteorological conditions, the flight cannot be done at any of those dates, the Company will propose alternative dates to the client. Tickets will be refunded within one month if the clients cannot stay in Nouvelle Aquitaine further on.
  • La Ferme du Ciel may also propose alternative activities to the client, with no obligation to accept them.
  • If, however, the client proposes only one date, the flight cannot take place due to meteorological conditions, and the client does not accept alternative activities, La Ferme du Ciel will keep an amount of 15% of the price as administrative and logistics fees.
  • In case of cancellation by the client:
    • Until 30 days prior to scheduled flight date: 85% refund.
    • Between 29 and 15 days prior to scheduled flight date: 50% refund
    • Between 14 and 3 days prior to scheduled flight date: 30% refund
    • Less than 3 days prior to scheduled flight date: no refund
  • Payments won’t be refunded if passengers do not check in on time, are not dressed accordingly or gave wrong information about their physical condition.