Guest house
with hot air balloon flights
over Saint-Emilion vineyards

La Ferme du Ciel is ready to welcome you in complete safety!

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Escape, and slow down!

The Bordeaux region is a remarkable area, but the proximity of Merignac airport and the size of the vineyards make it impossible for large capacity balloons to fly. However, we at “Ferme du Ciel” will make you fly in small balloons that carry only two to four passengers and can thus land on smaller fields. If you are a group, we will use several balloons to carry you all! Balloon flights are possible at sunrise, or two hours before sunset, when the air is calm. This also guarantees sanitary safety.

You will discover the most beautiful Châteaux, rivers, forests and vineyards of the area. If we fly over the forest, you will be able to see and photograph wildlife. You will be a real crew member, and participate in the inflation of your balloon, guided by the crew, then fly for one hour or more, according to the weather. Your pilot knows the History of the region and will be able to answer all questions.

The retrieving crew will join you upon arrival, bringing the picnic, made with local products and wine; unless you chose the “Exclusive Grand Cru” flight, during which you will experience wine tasting on board, performed by a Chateau owner. And you will also get a picnic with South West organic food after landing.

If you stay at the Ferme du Ciel, you will be able to enjoy our “Return to the Forest” experience, a guided walk in our private forest, which will help you to reconnect to your roots.

La Ferme du Ciel holds an Air Operator Certificate from the French Directorate-General for Civil Aviation.

Legal information

Formule« Ciel et Terre »

Allow yourself to slow down during a two-days break! We will share with you a unique experience: the discovery of a landscape from the air, during a hot air balloon flight, and from the ground, during a walk in our private forest, and the vineyards around. Patricia, pilot and geographer, will unveil the misteries of the landscape for you: plants, animals, villages, agriculture… Let us add to this a gastronomical experience, with our South-West cuisine, solid breakfasts, and two quiet nights

all included for two people

659 €


Special« Echappée céleste »

Stay overnight before flying!
We will wake you up just before inflating the balloon, then we will fly over the forest and vineyards of Northern Gironde, and share a solid breakfast after landing.

all included for two people

559 €


Balloon ride fares

« Découverte »

Take off from La Ferme du Ciel for a one hour flight over Northern Gironde. Breakfast is served after the morning flight, wine and light meal after the evening flight.

219 € TTC
per person

« Vignoble »

Flight over Saint-Emilion vineyards. The crew picks you up at your place of residence (within 20km from St-Emilion). The flight is followed by a picnic with a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and local organic food

289 € TTC
per person

Exclusive flight
« Grand Cru »

Flight over Saint-Emilion vineyards, with the unique experience of wine tasting on board, performed by a Chateau owner. The crew picks you up at your place of residence (within 20 km from Saint-Emilion). The flight is followed by a picnic with a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and local organic food.

1200 € TTC
exclusive private use.
for 1 to 3 person(s).


Exclusivité de la nacelle, un vol sans passager extérieur à votre groupe : prix du billet x4