Return to the Forest

La Ferme du Ciel is ready to welcome you in complete safety!

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Return To The Forest Stay

Connect to your roots with an immersion in Nature
Forest environment and personal development

Our stay "Return the Forest" is dedicated to anyone wishing to "reconnect" with their primal roots, adults, children, or teenagers.
We intervene as less as possible in the forest to preserve its biodiversity: the domain was abandoned for decades when we acquired it, which allowed the wildlife to prosper:

Animals: European Mink, Red Squirrel, Hedgehogs, Genet, different species of bats, raptors (Black Milan, Falcon, Squire, European Honey Buzzard, Viperine Snake), Invertebrate (Dragonflies and multiples species of Butterflies)
These species are rare and protected.
The flora has also some uncommon species : Water dropwort, Lotus Corniculatus, Silene Flos-cuculis, Salix atrocinerea, False-Brome, Rabelera…

Return to the Forest Program
for two or four

1st day

Arrival at La Ferme du Ciel in the afternoon

Settling down, visit of the property and the gardens, relaxing time

Natural drinks and dinner prepared with organic vegetables of the farm and local products

"Tailored" infusion with plants from the garden or the forest

1 night in "Aeronaute" room

2nd day

Coffee, Infusion or Tea and Biscuits in your room

Guided walk along the stream in the private forest

  • Entering the forest: listening, breathing, feeling, touching
  • Getting accustomed to the forest environment, how the landscape was formed, what is natural, what comes from human intervention
  • Recognize the trees whatever the season (the bark, the buds, the leaves)
  • Along the stream : How is made a valley ?
  • Walking barefoot in the stream (for the most darefull!)
  • Meditation with the trees: finding your goal and your place, in the nature and in your life.


Price for 2:
€ 209

Price for family with two children
€ 249
€ 15 per additional child.

If you’re more than four, consult us!

Information and booking
05 57 33 52 60 or via mail

Introduction to forest bathing, 2 hours guided tour:

The tours take place on Saturdays afternoon, from 2 to 4 pm. Herb teas, customized for each one, is served with homemade cakes after the tour.

To know the next dates visit our Facebook page.

€ 45

€ 60

Group 4 people minimum:
€ 25 /person

Children (minimum 6 y/o)!:
€ 10
No more than 2 children/adult.

Information and booking
05 57 33 52 60 or via mail

Your guide

Biogeographer before being a hot air balloon pilot I have a master degree in phytosociology and it’s with a great responsibility that I acquired the forest of 13 Ha which adjoins La Ferme du Ciel. Our team tries, with the help of Lisea foundation and the cooperative Alliance Bois, to recreate the original environment of this forest area to preserve the fauna and the flora.

Since receiving guests, I have realized their vital need to reconnect with nature. This is why I offer this program to discover the forest environment and an approach of sylvotherapy

The forest is waiting for you!


The location

  • La Ferme du Ciel, Laruscade
  • Old agricultural property
  • 11 hectares of private forest
  • Forest and personal development
  • Tour in hot air balloon
  • Guest rooms, seminaries

La Ferme du Ciel, Retour vers la Forêt

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141, route de Buisson,
Anciennement 1 Lieudit Buisson,
33620 Laruscade, France

+33 5 57 33 52 60

Information and booking 05 57 33 52 60
or via mail